Sustainability Solutions Designed to Reduce Operating Expenses and Increase Asset Value

Corporate Sustainability Consulting

TurnKey Sustainability, Inc., (“TurnKey”) offers custom high performance sustainability solutions specifically designed to reduce operating costs, enhance long term asset values and generally improve competitive market position.  Our clients include higher education, manufacturers, sports & entertainment venues, airports and any commercial development in search of greater efficiencies that capture savings while using an environmentally responsible approach.  

Programs typically start with “no cost / no obligation” assessments that produce a series of detailed recommendations and Requests for Proposals from several “best in class vendors” whose goals are to analyze the economic justification for a go forward, which often happens through creative ways to fund projects.

TurnKey applies a methodology and discipline that is in support of the clients’ goals which often include LEED certification. TurnKey's "Solution Partners" capture points in LEED EBOM categories including Sustainable Sites, Materials & Resources, Water Efficiency, Energy, Indoor Air Quality. If contracts are awarded TurnKey then provides Program Management Services that are funded out of compensation agreements with preferred vendors.

TurnKey's extensive experience in commercial real estate provides an asset management perspective to projects with strong expertise in five key, interrelated areas:

Comprehensive Facility Assessments

TurnKey projects typically begin with a full assessment of the facility from management practices to building equipment and systems.  This produces a series of ROI / cost benefit analyses and recommendations on how to improve efficiencies.

This "roadmap" can be a derivative of a process that can include Energy Star analysis, ASHRAE Level I & II surveys or even comprehensive energy audits. 

"In just a 2 day walk through TurnKey's Assessment Team identified over $172,000 in annual savings.  This was extremely helpful as we were entering into lease renewal with our landlord and also needed a strategy to meet federal mandates with regard to carbon footprint reductions. ”

Facilities Manager
FAA - Hartsfield Atlanta

Commercial Recycling Programs

TurnKey designs recycling programs which typically achieve 70% landfill diversion - even in large complex properties. This is a “Zero Cap Ex” implementation and disposal costs are also reduced due the dramatic weight reduction. 

Since 2007, Turnkey has procured millions of tons of material for clients such as Master Recycling, American Recycling, WastePro, Pratt Industries, CarauStar, Newell Recycling, Self Recycling.  With experience as a procurement agent for major buyers such as Coca Cola Recycling and GreenStar, TurnKey brings significant purchasing power which is essential for the overall long term sustainability of recycilng projects.

“TurnKey helped us implement Atlanta's first commercial comingled single stream program for entire portfolios with large players such as Cousins, Colonial Properties and Wells.  This was a key step towards fulfilling contracts with our mills and ultimately helped build our company to be successfully acquired. ”

American Recycling / American Fiber Services

Lighting Retrofits

Lighting retrofits are common in almost every efficiency program we implement and often have simple paybacks of less than 24 months. TurnKey represents E. Sam Jones Distributor, the nation's largest lighting sales and installation company.

Recent projects awarded include Georgia State Capital, the IRS, Grady Hospital, The University of Georgia and the Georgia World Congress Center.

“Our subcontracted work is always competitively bid and E. Sam Jones has always submitted very competitively priced proposals.  The retrofit crews are E. Sam Jones employees which I think is critical to the project in terms of work quality and schedule.  In fact our latest lighting retrofit project was completed six weeks ahead of schedule which was a critical path to a bundled ECM project.”

Sr. Contracts Mgr - Federal Business Unit
Chevron Energy Solutions 

Water Reclamation & Conservation

Water may not be the biggest cost in your project but it may be the biggest future concern. Water conservation can achieve the fastest payback and TurnKey offers several simple to implement solutions that have achieved results including 490,000 gallon per year conservation rates with a 6 month payback - in just one 500,000 sf building.


Carbon Footprint Benchmarking

Do you know where your utility dollars are being spent? If not, how can you expect to manage what you can't measure?  TurnKey offers cost effective sub-metering and "KPI" Key Performance Dashboard technologies that play a key role in our projects - before and during the engagement.  These technologies also provide a vital "measure an verify" function throughout the life of the facility, and our software has versions for engineers, CFOs and a general public view.


Power Optimization

TurnKey offers energy reduction solutions that have achieved results between 8% and 22% - guaranteed.  Coupled with KPI Dashboard technology, various technologies eliminate wasted energy in HVAC, equipment, refrigeration and lighting and can be implemented in a shared savings service model that cash flows immediately and requires no initial capital expense.


Alternative Energy & Fuel

TurnKey represents several clean energy and alternative fuel developers and integrators who specialize in solar, landfill gas, gasification and bio-fuels.  TurnKey's involvement in active projects includes feedstock procurement, off-take agreements, joint ventures and real estate.




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Lockheed Martin Retains
TurnKey to Promote
Urban Sustainability Initiative

Lockheed Martin's Urban Sustainability Initiative comes to Georgia offering Guaranteed Savings Performance Contracts for deep energy retrofits that reduce energy consumption by 20% to 40%.


Introducing LiquiCycle


TurnKey Project Manages Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport's Materials Recovery Facility

TurnKey sourced the contract, permitted the site and managed the construction of WastePro / American Recycling's Materials Recovery Facility built to process single stream recyclables for "the world's busiest airport". 







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